TrackCore Integrated with RFID Enclosures

Hospitals realize increased workflow efficiencies and reduced product waste with TrackCore and RFID Implementation.

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80% of Hospitals are at risk of human error due to manual tracking processes

TrackCore has discovered that 8 out of 10 healthcare facilities continue to use excel spreadsheets and manual log books to keep track of implants, which can take hours of a nurse’s schedule and lead to human errors from inputting data manually.

RFID simplifies tissue inventory management

TrackCore works in conjunction with RFID-enabled storage enclosures from Terso Solutions, Inc. that closely monitor inventory in real-time, sending alerts when a product is about to expire, or is being stored at temperatures outside of a pre-determined window.

Within months, the hospital utilizing TrackCore was able to reduce waste from lost inventory by $85,000.

Hospital systems currently using TrackCore with RFID-enabled storage enclosures are seeing ROI in a number of areas such as; recall management, UDI rule, labor savings and employee satisfaction.

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