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Final testing complete for Tissue TrackCore

Tissue, LLC Completes Final Testing of Tissue TrackCore

Designed by health care professionals for health care professionals.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, October 10, 2006Tissue LLC, a group of healthcare and technology professionals, today announced the completion of final testing for Tissue TrackCore. The rigorous testing was completed Friday with a focus group session that was attended by regional hospital and surgical center representatives.

Tissue TrackCore is a web-based software product that allows surgical facilities a cost-effective way to easily track tissues to comply with FDA and The Joint Commission's standards. Written specifically to address The Joint Commission's  tissue tracking standards that are applicable to hospitals and surgical centers (PC.17.10, PC.17.20, PC.17.30), and the standards that are applicable to labs (QC.5.300, QC.5.310, QC.5.320), Tissue TrackCore is very easy-to-use and ensures a high-rate of accuracy.

“We thank our focus group participants for the time and effort they have taken in reviewing this package and providing their feedback,” says John Post, partner of Tissue LLC.

“We also have to commend the development team for their ability to resolve problems as they arose and close out outstanding issues, their experience and professionalism in conducting the testing process was key to ensuring that we kept to the schedule, budget, and specification.”

About Tissue, LLC Tissue, LLC is a group of healthcare and technology professionals that came together to help meet the specific patient safety issue of tracking tissue. By carefully analyzing The Joint Commission's tissue tracking standard, communicating with the FDA, and holding focus groups with field personnel such as OR Managers and Chief Nursing Officers, Tissue TrackCore has become the “Best in Breed” for tissue tracking software.

About LPiT Solutions, Inc. LPiT Solutions, Inc. is a leading resource for business technology solutions and support. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, LPiT Solutionsspecializes in the design, development and implementation of Internet based software solutions. Flexible, strategic partnerships are formed with clients based on their specific needs. LPiT Solutions is proud to be the developer and distributor of Tissue TrackCore.

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