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Implant and Tissue Vendors Interface With TrackCore to Provide Catalog and Item Info to End Users

Recently, we have posted a lot about how our TrackCore customers can interface their existing Healthcare IT systems with TrackCore. What many may not be aware of is that TrackCore’s open integration platform also allows implant and tissue vendors to integrate with TrackCore. This means that by entering a serial number into the appropriate field when receiving an item into TrackCore, a user can retrieve information regarding that specific item directly from the vendor’s data description. This results in tremendous time savings, in terms of data entry, when receiving an item into TrackCore.

Many of our customers are familiar with this when receiving items from the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF) into TrackCore. Through LPIT’s unique partnership with MTF, TrackCore regularly receives product information for individual items that are shipped to joint MTF / TrackCore customers. This allows automatic population of everything from the item description to the cost and dimensions of the item, saving a tremendous amount of keystrokes. This interface is automatic for every new TrackCore customer.

What some do not know is that a similar interface was also implemented by Edwards Lifesciences (ELS), a leading manufacturer of heart valves and related repair products. The first interface between ELS and TrackCore was implemented over a year ago for the Cleveland Clinic. In order for a customer to initiate an ELS interface, you must contact your ELS account representative and have them contact LPIT Solutions to start the discussions of establishing the interface.

Hospitals that are looking for an easy to use tissue and implant tracking application that utilizes vendor interfaces to streamline Joint Commission and FDA implant tracking requirements should contact LPIT Solutions at 1-866-574-8765. Information may also be requested on the LPIT website at

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