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TrackCore a 'Rewarding Experience' - HCA Parham Doctors' Hospital

“We, Parham Doctors’ Hospital, a campus of Henrico Doctors’ Hospital, went on line with TTC in September of 2008. The transition to the use of TTC has been a very rewarding experience. TTC has been there all the way in helping us ‘go live’. They have continued to help and are always available when questions come up. During the last three reviews that we have had with TJC or PPR surveyors, we always had an issue that was not up to standards. Because of TTC’s expertise and assistance, we had an outstanding review. The surveyor was very impressed that we had been ‘on line’ since September. She had suggestions that we might consider, such as sending physicians follow-up letters. She was very pleased to see that we were already doing this. Having this template in the TTC database makes this so much easier.

The staff have also adjusted to the documentation so much easier than they thought they would. Alan came down one day to help orient the staff and they said that his explanation of the system helped them so much. As a result, the tracking of tissue has become so much easier and, I feel, more complete.

I now feel that the safety of the patient receiving tissue has been upgraded to another level.”

Mary Doome, RN, ONC
 Total Joint and Tissue Coordinator—Operating Room
 HCA Parham Doctors’ Hospital
 Richmond, VA


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