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TrackCore maintains relationships with some of

the top technical companies, clinical organizations, tissue banks and group purchasing organizations across the country.


TrackCore Partner Terso Solutions

TrackCore is integrated with intelligent RFID enclosures provided by Terso Solutions, Inc.

The RFID enclosures enable real-time inventory visibility, unique device identification, accurate tracking and improved time management.

TrackCore Partner National Recal Alert Center

TrackCore integrates with the National Recall Alert Center to provide users with recall alert notifications. NRAC has been providing their network members with critical product recall warning alerts since 1973.

TrackCore Partner CIHQ

Accreditation Resource Services (ARS) provides comprehensive web-based resources and on-site support to acute care and critical access hospitals to help them be successful in the CMS survey and certification process, as well as accreditation by deeming agencies.


Syft is a leading provider of Al-enhanced inventory control and end-to-end hospital supply chain management software and services. In business for more than 20 years, Syft helps over 970 US hospitals and health systems reduce costs, enhance patient safety, and improve efficiency by optimizing their supply chains.


TrackCore IT Partner Informs

Informs offers an expansive range of data collection products. TrackCore, Inc. and Informs have partnered to provide customers with access to the latest hardware solutions.

TrackCre IT Parner GS1

GS1 Solution barcodes are used to encode information such as product numbers, serial numbers and batch numbers. Barcodes play a key role in supply chains, enabling parties like retailers, manufacturers, transport providers and hospitals to automatically identify and track products as they move through the supply chain.


TrackCore GPO Partner Vizient

Vizient, Inc. is the nation’s largest member-driven health care services company. Backed by network-powered insights in the critical areas of clinical, operational, and supply chain performance, Vizient empowers members to deliver exceptional, cost-effective care at every turn.

TrackCre GPO Partner HealthTrust

HealthTrust (HealthTrust Purchasing Group, L.P) is committed to strengthening provider performance and clinical excellence through an aligned membership model and the delivery of total spend management advisory solutions that leverage our operator experience, scale and innovation. HealthTrust serives over 1,600 acute care facilities and members in more than 26,000 other locations, including ambulatory surgery centers, physician practices, long-term care and alternate care sites.


Provista, a leader in group purchasing, applies the collective buying power of members to deliver best-in-class sourcing and analytic services across multiple industries. 

Founded in 1994, Provista started out as an invaluable supply chain partner for the health care industry. Since then, we've expanded to meet the needs of small business and hospitality members, providing the best-priced supplies, a robust contract portfolio, insightful benchmarking and much more.

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