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LPIT Director of Technology to Present at the 2010 Lawson Cloverleaf User Conference

LPIT’s Director of Technology, James A Casavant, will be presenting a session at Lawson’s 2010 Cloverleaf User Conference. Lawson ( ) provides enterprise software and service solutions in the manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, and service industries. Over 4,500 customers use their software throughout the world and they have a particularly strong presence in various areas of the healthcare industry. Their Cloverleaf product provides organizations, like hospitals, the ability to enable all of their applications to seamlessly communicate with each other and share data. In the healthcare industry, inter-application data communication allows hospitals to move one step further toward achieving the Meaningful Use standards set forth in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2010. ARRA allows hospitals to receive financial incentives from Medicare and Medicaid for meeting Meaningful Use benchmarks.

James’ presentation will focus on one of LPIT Solutions’ core company values, delivering highly functional, budget-friendly software to solve internal and external customer business needs. The presentation will focus on how hospitals, in particular, can leverage Software as a Service (SaaS) applications like LPIT Solutions’ TrackCore platform in conjunction with the Cloverleaf Secure Courier client to create a fully integrated, budget-friendly software solution.

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