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Multiple IDNs Select Tissue TrackCore as Product of Choice for Tissue Tracking Compliance Software

The Tissue TrackCore platform is experiencing explosive growth in its user base as it is selected by multiple Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) and Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs). Recent agreements with IDNs including Catholic Healthcare West, Christus Health, Memorial Hermann and the Sisters of Charity Leavenworth have lead to immediate double digit growth in customer base including 18 facilities in the Christus Health System alone.

The number of hospitals joining IDNs and GPOs continues to grow as they seek to find more ways to cut costs and deliver affordable healthcare. As part of a larger group hospitals are able to negotiate better deals and standardized practices and technology across partner facilities. Tissue TrackCore’s affordable pricing, state of the art technology, singular product focus and thorough understanding of tissue and implant tracking compliance issues, makes it an attractive solution for IDNs, and their member facilities, looking for the lowest total cost of ownership.

“Tissue TrackCore continues to be evaluated side by side with competing products at the IDN level and has been selected in all of these competitive situations to date.” says John Post, President LPiT Solutions, Inc., the technology company behind Tissue TrackCore.

Tissue TrackCore is a web-based software product that provides surgical facilities a cost-effective way to easily track tissues in compliance with FDA and Joint Commission standards. Written specifically to address the Joint Commission’s tissue tracking standards that are applicable to hospitals and surgical centers (PC.17.10, PC.17.20, PC.17.30), and the standards that are applicable to labs (QC.5.300, QC.5.310, QC.5.320), Tissue TrackCore is very easy to use and ensures a high-rate of accuracy in tracking tissues and implants.

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