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Tissue TrackCore Successfully Integrates With ORIS Operating Room Information System

4/25/2008 – Through the use of secured web services, LPiTSolutions, Inc is successfully interfacing with ORIS (Operating Room Information System) to ease data entry and improve accuracy in its tissue tracking software aimed at assisting medical facilities in meeting Joint Commission standards for tracking allograft and autograft tissue.

In November 2007, LPiTSolutions introduced its Web Services Integration Platform (WSIP) into Tissue TrackCore, in order to provide medical facilities the ability to integrate their other information systems with TrackCore and to realize efficiencies in data entry. WSIP enables medical facilities to integrate a variety of systems that may or may not use HL7 as the standard format for transmitting data.

In February 2008, integration with ORIS was established and since then WSIP has processed over 200 transactions per day for each facility that is utilizing this integration capability. Integrations, like the one with ORIS, are resulting in the increased operational efficiencies through reduced keystrokes and the elimination of redundantly entered data.

If you are a medical facility investigating tissue tracking compliance software and are interested in operational efficiencies and data integration be sure to talk to a Tissue TrackCore sales representative about utilizing Tissue TrackCore and WSIP. If you are an existing Tissue TrackCore user and want to further improve your operational efficiencies even more call your account representative or our technical support line and ask about our web services integration.

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