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LPiT Solutions, Inc Releases Tissue TrackCore Update

LPiT Solutions, Inc Releases Tissue TrackCore Update

On Saturday, June 21st, LPiT Solutions, Inc released the latest update to its market leading Tissue TrackCore software package that facilitates the tracking of tissue and implants in compliance with federal guidelines. User feedback, operational streamlining and enhanced data security were the driving forces behind the latest build.

The Tissue TrackCore team continues to draw on user input from regular contact with our customers in order to streamline the recording process and improve the quantity and quality of data that the users store. The team also looks to industry best practices and ongoing testing to find more ways to protect customer data without sacrificing system performance.

Some of the new and exciting changes that have been made include:

Auto-lookup procedure names and materials used in implant proceduresPrint reports as encrypted PDFsExport more data to Microsoft Word and ExcelShare and secure reports with other usersImproved patient record lookup.Enhanced letter and report templates with multiple style and formatting options.On screen indicators for imported versus manually input data.Greater configuration options for the most frequently used screensAdditional information associated to item types The ability to log the storage of frozen items that have been thawed.Archive your own dataSimplification of security configurationAdditional data sources and improved search capabilities in dynamic reporting.Increased integration capabilitiesAdditional security enhancements to protect customer data.

For existing users, the full details about the changes are described in both the User Manual and from the dashboard which are available upon login or by contacting Tissue TrackCore support via email at or by calling 1.866.LPITSOL (574.8765) and choosing option 2 for support.

Potential customers can find out more about all of Tissue TrackCore’s functionality and how it can help you meet and exceed federal guidelines for tracking tissue by contacting sales@tissuetrackcore.comor calling 1.866.LPITSOL (574.8765) and choosing option 1 for sales.

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