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Tissue TrackCore Director Featured in Materials Management in Healthcare Magazine

Tissue TrackCore’s Director of Training and Implementation, Alan Brander, was recently featured in an article titled Keeping Track of Tissue in the Supply Chain in Materials Management in Health Care magazine. In the article, Alan, a former Chief Nursing Officer, remarked on how things are different now than in prior years.

In the past, materials managers really cared about whether the right order showed up at the right time on the loading dock. Now the Joint Commission wants you to track every interaction that every person has with that tissue.

Penn State Hershey Medical Center, a current Tissue TrackCore customer, is also mentioned in the article. The hospital’s director of surgical services, Matt Brennan agrees with Alan:

... materials managers must be aware that a new age of tissue care has dawned—one that requires increased tracking, record keeping and accountability. Sooner or later, some agency will knock on every hospital door, experts say. If you can show that you have your ducks in a row, you won’t have a problem. If not, the consequences can be serious.

For full text of the article, see A rich feature set, thorough knowledge and understanding of the Joint Commission’s evolving standards, regular application updates, and a wealth of feedback from an active and participatory user group, has allowed Tissue TrackCore to establish itself as a market leader in implantable item tracking and compliance.

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