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Tissue TrackCore Now Supports RFID Technology

At the 2009 AORN Congress, LPiT Solutions, the developer of Tissue TrackCore announced that their software solution now supports integration with RFID hardware. RFID hardware is used to wirelessly receive product identification information from an RFID label and then electronically transmit the information directly to Tissue TrackCore, reducing the number of keystrokes required to perform data entry if bar code scanners are not in use. The RFID integration allows hospitals to track items with less manual data entry, providing for quicker and more accurate data entry, thus saving hospitals time and money. Tissue TrackCore has become a best in breed solution for meeting Joint Commission and FDA compliance regulations regarding the tracking of tissue and other implantable items. Developed by a group of healthcare and technology professionals, Tissue TrackCore continues to evolve in ways that make tracking implantable items and meeting compliance regulations easier, faster and more affordable. In the next few months, Tissue TrackCore will be integrating even more technology to make meeting Joint Commission requirements that much faster and easier.

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