Cabinets, Refrigerators & Freezers

RFID-Enabled Enclosures

Integrated with TrackCore

TrackCore Integrated with RFID Enclosures

TrackCore’s implant management solution is integrated with RFID-enabled enclosures such as; cabinets, refrigerators and freezers from Terso Solutions, Inc. This integration provides customers with an automated tracking solution featuring real-time visibility, unique device identification, accurate tracking, improved time management and inventory control without human intervention.

RFID Journal LIVE Flyer

RFID Journal LIVE! Award Winner

TrackCore Operating Room with integrated RFID enclosures has been named the winner in the RFID Journal LIVE Awards in the category – Best Use of RFID to Enhance a Product or Service.

RFID Enclosure Features

How RFID Technology Works

Place Internet-enabled RFID cabinet at the point of use.

Pre-authorized users access the cabinet with RFID-enabled badges.

Users can add or remove RFID tagged inventory from the enclosure.

Access TrackCore for global visibility and 24/7 remote access to individual units.

RFID-Enabled Cabinets

The RFID cabinets integrate with TrackCore to provide hospitals with an efficient method for managing high-value surgical and medical products.

TC-130 Cabinet: 25 cubic feet – 80h x 36w x 26d

TC-132 Cabinet: 7.9 cubic feet – 44h x 24w x 24d

RFID-Enabled Freezer

RFID freezers maintain required temperatures and are equipped with an alarm system to notify staff when the doors are left open, allowing for high security of valuable implants.

TC-157 Ultra Low Temp Freezer: -80° 78h x 27w x 37.6d

TC-179 Under Counter Ultra Low Freezer: -86° 32.7h x 35.4w x 22d

RFID-Enabled Refrigerators

RFID refrigerators secure and control valuable biologic implant inventory. Monitor the temperature of the freezers by 24/7 remote access, ensuring patient safety and reducing wasted or spoiled inventory.

TC-129 Refrigerator: 42h x 24w x 26d

TC-174 Refrigerator: 79.5h x 29.5w x 29.5d